Loco Hauled 2021


Chiltern Railways
(Runs Monday 17th May - Friday 10th December 2021)

Class 68 + Mk3 TSO + Mk3 TSO + Mk3 TSO + Mk3 TSO + Mk3a RFM + Mk3 DVT (4 sets available)

Six Class 68 locomotives are leased by Chiltern Railways from DRS. These are 68010 - 15 (XHCE) and painted in Chiltern Silver livery, although other DRS 68s are used (68008/009), as and when needed. **DMU substitutions can occur at any time!**
Monday to Friday Only
Diagram 1 1H22 07:16 Stourbridge Junction to London Marylebone (a.09:43)
1R25 11:10 London Marylebone - Birmingham Moor Street (a.12:56)
1H48 13:55 Birmingham Moor Street - London Marylebone (a.15:42)
1K50 17:14 London Marylebone - Kidderminster (a.19.40)

No 68 hauled services on Saturdays and Sundays until further notice.