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Future of 50017 Secure as Locomotive Sold Back into Preservation (02.02.19)
Boden Rail has sold 50017 Royal Oak in a move which will see the Class 50 move to the Great Central Railway. After recent reports and internet speculation which included the possibility of the loco being broken for spares, the sale seems to have given the class 50 a secure future back in preservation. 50017 had been restored to working condition at the Plm Valley Railway with a return to service in 2012. Boden Rail bought the locomotive in 2014 off previous owner David Cunningham and Its mainline career resumed. A move from Washwood Heath to Nottingham Eastgate saw the Boden Rail fleet including D400/50050 Fearless being based in the East Midlands. After Boden Rail's purchase of D6940/37240 from the Llangollen Diesel Group in December 2018, 50017 was then put up for sale.